South Africans! Is JP Markets the best Broker Newcomer?!

JP Markets was founded in 2016 and has been widely being accepted and trending around the world. The company is focused to provide investor a better trading accounts. Though, there is not much time, company has spent in market, however, the overall reputation is satisfactory. Overviewing the rating given by the traders is up to 3.4. Some of the reviews are relatively rated higher by traders as well as editors. The company has aimed to target and acquaint the stock MoU’s of bigger names in South Africa. The company has widely offered trading in several combinations and if it is compared with the overall time company spent in market, the progress can be rated exceptionally well. The company also keen to secure the transparency externally and internally which has impart positive impacts on reputation. The training being offered to unexperienced demonstrate that customer loyalty is at peak focused and therefore reputation has increased among people.


The company has offered trading in wide domains. It provide 4 MetaTrader forums and allow the investor to invest in 30 various combination for their investments. The company capability to pay investor compensations fund is up to 20,000 EUR which is a bigger figure to deal with. The company’s initial start-ups are low as well. Given Security of Funds by NDD, FSB regulation; the company has demonstrated an extensive spread.. JP Markets has offered variable spreads for its investors. The spreads are based on two major spreads, the Fixed and Floating (Variable). The Floating sometimes provide up to 2.4 pipes. This demonstrate that company is keen to provide more extensive and wide spread. Fixed on the other hand vary from 1 spreads only. The Fixed spreads in JP Markets are wider than Floating one.


When it comes to Fee and commission, JP Markets has provided support policy for its customers as well. The company is working on no commission fees which mainly attract the smaller consumer to focus on it. JP Market also offers an initial opening bonus up to 30% to its customers. The friendly customer support is evitable through these gestures which company has attained for the customers. On the other hand, the leverage of the investment by the company is around 1:500. The leverage marks indicate the dedication in the approach of company for its investors. The company policy states to introduce no charge policy because they want the customers to prosper. On the other hand, the withdrawals and deposits are extensive and royal as well. Company even charge no extensive charges on negative balance and provide protection there as well. Certain other investor are close to the policy of the company, however, JP Market has cared for the cache of investor pocket and therefore offered it to minimum deposit of R3500.


One of Demo account of JP Markets visible to demonstrate certain features. The basic account offered by the company for trading is standard one. There is no usual charges or commission fee on the account. The company has considered Straight Through Processing in which the customer directly orders the brokers available or the banks without having a middle settlement of dealing desk. The returns from spreading commission will be earning of the account. The account also provide benefits that loss of client will not result in loss of points. This advantage provide a better security to the traders dealing with JP Market. The Trader also provide JP Market card to the investor which further assists in withdrawal and deposit.

Funding Methods

JP Market offers different funding method. Starting from the deposit and withdrawal from the Visa cards and especially offered JP Market card, the company has also focused on online transaction to build their trust and easy payment movement for its traders and customers. For instance, the company has offered funding through debit/credit card as well as bank or wire transfer. JP Market understand the acceptance of online banking and offered several methods through that. Moreover, the individual having account of Skrill and Neteller also get compensated through the funding methods of JP Market. Lastly, as the demand of Bit-coin is increasing and is widely being accepted, JP Market has also facilitates its customers by allowing trade through Bit-Coin.

Trading Instruments

The trader deals in stocks, shares and other such user friendly products. Though, the product list are not yet complete and company is trying to enhance it with times, however, there are multiple which will be included with times. The company allow platforms which are available on mobiles as well. The company is also providing global brokerage and among pioneers in the market.

Trading Platforms offered

For traders, it is important to have a platform that can offer different technical indicators, have the ability to present multiple order, must have a user-friendly interface as well as advanced features to make sure assistance is provided with ease. MT4 is one such platform that most of the users recommend pursuing automated strategies discouraged by JP Morgan. Along with that, JP markets have special discounts and bonuses offered to facilitate the environment of investment. These methods have been proved as effective operational measures for the markets as they offer the rebate, happy hours and different sorts of bonuses.

Final Thoughts

JP markets with their financial services are performing to match the needs of investors and traders. With products like stocks, CFD's and customized packages, the market is providing customers with unique services to keep in line with the industry first vision. Not only is that the company have a proven record of excellent brokerage services to the customers. The company in order to make their stakeholders empowered, offered several platforms to ensure greater results. Automatic Strategy is discouraged to ensure better transparency and informed decision so other can be made accountable or the decision. Average spreads and commissions are high as compared to the other competing companies. JP Markets have attempted to ensure greater leverage so customers can avail better piece of mind. The ratios are better than the rest of the companies working in the same arena. JP markets are trying to consistently upscale their products and services.